To provide value added services to our clieants right from small repairs to huge scale house hold projects. The idea behind this startup was to resolve the days problem of finding trusted professional for fixing the basics home repairs and to bring to professionalism among the service provided and polish their skills. We based on our self confidence and to find the innovative solutions and upgrading our service can all the ways time to time.

We are the like minded people came out from a school which trained us in all the ways from past 40 years given to the society. We are inspired by our beloved founder of our school. Our mentors focused on "Self employment Generation" and taught us " KRUSHI THO NASTI DRUBHISKHAM"


Our team inspired by great people who bowed their lifes for values and lived a meaning full life. We value intellectual modesty and dislike false prestige and arrogance. We value the sense of responsibility and self discipline to meet the commitments what we made we treat others with dignity, sensitivity and honour.


MYRATZ comprises of innovators, technology geeks, leaders, fine artists, architects and thinkers came out various background with a common aim of changing our living standard as well as people of our society most of us are technical people to break the regular phenomen of search of employment . We decide to create something amazing way of life style and show the people how to make a landmark in our own ways.

The final aim of the MYRATZ is ........

Our nation should be HAPPY & PROSPEROUS