Company Profile

My Ratz is a service based Start-up which came out from an idea which shows the leads to the clients according to their needs. So the needy people can put their request through website or App & calling Customer Care. We don't charge anything to the clients or to the service providers. This is a free service to the society from our side.

Initially we are launching with 50 plus services in GNT/BZA. Mean while our team undertake the projects like Renovations repairs & building contracts maintenance service also. This startup consists of qualified & skilled people who generates their salaries by themselves, this is basic idea of this startup. The motive of startup is to give quality service with reliable price that what we deserve. Its not a business it's a vision started by a like minded people of an educational institution. Which trained us in all the ways from the past years given to the society. Its youth startup & organized by an Architect who is the C.E.O of this Startup. We are working together& generating the salaries by serviceing the people.

We the team MyRatz moto is to serve the society of which we can do from our side but not to gain money on this , if money is the criteria we can settle in reputed companies which offers us a fancy amounts. But we thought how to serve the society mean while fulfilling our dreams.

From the past 3 months we are working on different projects like school calendars, interior Design,building contracts & Renovation work etc. Most of clients are happy with our service & satisfied heart fully which gives the energy to move forward.